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Another year of record-breaking sales reminds us of the strength of the Knights of Columbus insurance. But, even more importantly, that we remain steady and secure.

As recently shared by Supreme Knight Carl A. Anderson: "Since the year 2000, our insurance force has grown from $40 billion to nearly $110 billion. Our assets have increased from $8.5 billion to nearly $25 billion. During these years we have paid out more than $5.3 billion in dividends and more than $4.3 billion in death benefits. That's right- nearly $10 billion in dividends and benefits.

During the same time, our membership has grown every year, from 1.6 million members to nearly 2 million members today. And with this number has come greater action by our local councils.

Each year, we have increased the hours and the dollars donated to charity. Since 2000, we have given more than $2.5 billion. We have also volunteered more than 1.1 billion hours, and the value of that service in estimated at more than $23 billion."

Join me in my continued enthusiasm for our mission. I look forward to seeing you throughout the year.

Fraternally yours,

 Walker Bormann